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Panel Buddies (Space Balls) for Raise Panel Doors

Panel Buddies (Space Balls) for Raise Panel Doors

  • $ 397

Your alternative to Space BallsTM

  • Panel Buddies™ will center your panel as well as Space BallsTM
  • Panel Buddies™ will allow maximum expansion and contraction without putting undue pressure on your joints.
  • Panel Buddies™ are not injection molded like Space BallsTM so there is no harmful oils or silicones to disrupt your finishing
  • Panel Buddies™ are proven, affordable, and won't roll around your shop like Space BallsTM

Why Panel Buddies™?

  • Panel Buddies™ offer the maximum expansion room while naturally centering the panel without extreme pressure on the joinery.
  • There is no oil or silicone to disrupt your finish.  BIGGEST COMPLAINT
  • Panel Buddies™ are produced from oversized foam to fit snuggly in the groove.
  • Ease of installation over hard rubber balls. No rolling around!
  • Very competitively priced saving you money!
  • Proven reliability. Panel Buddies™ have been used for over 10 years by major cabinet and door companies.

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