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Senco Staples


Tools  Inspired  By  Hard  Work,  And  Designed  To  Make  It  Easier.

We understand that your reputation is on the line with every fastener you drive. And so is ours. By delivering innovative fastening solutions that make hard work easier we’ve helped generations of hardworking professionals get the job done right.

At worksites and workplaces all around the globe, SENCO fasteners and tools contribute to the productivity and success of hardworking professionals. We create fastening systems that provide exceptional results and let you take pride in a job well done. 


For use with SENCO models SLS25XP, SLS15, SLS18, SLS18MG, SLS20-L, SKS-L, LN4450. For competitor models HITACHI N3804AB, N3804A - MAKITA AT63A - DUOFAST KN1848A, KN1848 - PORTER CABLE NS150A, NS150, NS100 - Accuset A100LS, A150LS, A2N1125 - Atro Minor 90/32, 90/40 - BEA 90/38-150 - Craftsman 18300, 18306, 18367 - Fasco F25 A-90/40 - Hilti SN114B - Spotnails HL3852